A few words from owner Melody Daggs:


“A few days have passed, and I feel ready now to post about the loss of my Imma (pronounced Emma).
She was well on her way to her 16th birthday, but didn’t make it.
She had a sweet & compliant personality, and was a girly girl, but with a killer nose for birds.
She was my best bed buddy all her life.
She contributed many Champions, past & present, to the Golden Empire lines, and was an excellent mother.
She had amazing good health all her life.
And for those of you who study Vizsla history, she was the last living daughter of Shelley Coburn‘s famous Hall of Fame Champion, Super Charger.
I miss her terribly.
Here are a few photos of her, from pudgy puppy, to young show dog, to family matriarch.
Imma 2002-2017.”