Wine Country KC, Napa CA, 12-13Nov16

Way to go Remy, Mia and Ziggy! Another great weekend for Golden Empire, with Remy picking up two OS and littermate Mia picking up her second major (worth 3pts) towards her championship!   Ziggy, Red Diamond's Uptown Funk (out of Trace x Tempe) took  WD/BW both days, earning two majors and finishing his championship in [...]

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Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers, Dixon CA, 29-30Oct

Finishing out October with another GREAT weekend for Golden Empire! Congratulations Remy  and his littermate Mia, who picked up four more points towards her CH! Saturday: Remy: B/BOBOH/OHG3/G2! Mia: 1/W/WB   Sunday: Remy:  B/BOBOH/OHG1 Mia: 1/W/BW/OS (over specials!)

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Harvest Moon Classic, Pleasanton CA, 21-23Oct

Congratulations to Remy and littermate Mia on a great weekend at the Harvest Moon Classic (Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo and Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore) in Pleasanton Friday, 21Oct: Remy: B/BOBOH/OHG3 Saturday, 22Oct: Remy: SEL/BOBOH/OHG4 Mia: 1/W for a 4pt major! Sunday, 23Oct: Remy: B/BOBOH  

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