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BISS CH Rotkopf’s Super Charger JH CD VC HOF


Am/Can/Mex Ch Johnson’s Titian Charger HOF x Am Ch Rotkopf’s Gyemant
DOB: 12Jul79
Owner: Larry & Shelley Coburn

Hips: VZ-1515 OFA NORMAL

View Charger’s Pedigree

Born 05/29/1979
(bred to Golden Empire Shade Tuff)

  • CH Golden Empire’s Turbo Charger
  • CH Golden Empire’s Beauregard CD

Born 05/14/1981
(bred to Rotkopf’s Szuros Kati)

  • CH Golden Empire’s Rocken Robin

Born 06/06/1981
(bred to San-Dal Calif Poppy Bihari)

  • Copper Cannon’s Amiable Amy
  • CH Copper Cannon’s Zak Zomak CD

Born 04/06/1982
(bred to CH Pippin Magyar Go Seek)

  • CH Quailwood’s Gold Empire Quest

Born 08/08/1982
(bred to CH AFC Rotkopf’s Vand Suzsannah CD)

  • CH Vintage Sunday’s Child
  • CH Vintage Keepsake of Rotkopf
  • CH Vintage Porsche’s Red Turbo

Born 02/12/1983
(bred to CH Maverick’s Ante Up)

  • CH Maverick Golden Empire Lacey
  • Maverick’s Golden Beauty
  • CH Maverick’s Golden Mika
  • CH Maverick’s Vascilisa Niki
  • Maverick’s Golden Chelse
  • CH Maverick’s Golden Dynasty CD
  • Maverick’s Golden Jennifer
  • CH Maverick’s Golden Linc
  • CH Maverick’s Golden Empire Dallas

Born 07/17/1983
(bred to CH Sarika Voros Vadasz)

  • CH Miska Leany Voros Vadasz ROM
  • CH Nemes Sandor Voros Vadasz

Born 11/12/1983
(bred to DC AFC Rotkopf’s Minor Miracle)

  • CH Rotkopf’s Golden Empire Kiki
  • Rotkopf’s Indigo Sky
  • Rotkopf’s Sandy Acres Gynesis

Born 02/14/1985 (bred to Rotkopf’s Rambling Brooke)

  • Nimrod’s Voros Gyozo
  • Nimrod’s Zsazsa Kiralyne

Born 11/19/1985
(bred to CH Russet Leather Candlelite)

  • Russet Leather Bright Moon
  • CH Russet Leather Gold Sunshine
  • CH Russet Leather Indian Ambush
  • CH Russet Leather Indian Giver
  • CH Russet Leather On The Warpath
  • CH Russet Leather Proud Warrior
  • Russet Leather Red Feather CD

Born 01/01/1986 (bred to CH Dirigo Sail On Brittania)

  • CH Dirigo’s Moonlight Gambler

Born 06/17/1986
(bred to CH Russet Leather Fire MT Spirit)

  • CH Russet Leathers BKK Red Hawk
  • Redchief Russet Leather
  • CH Russet Leather Caveat Kiowa JH ROM

Born 10/03/1986
(bred to CH Golden Empire’s Larken)

  • Golden Empire’s Moonbeam

Born 01/23/1987
(bred to CH Royal Princess Ambrosia)

  • CH Karam Kari of Rotkopf ROM
  • Karam Silent Revenge
  • Karam’s Rebel Rouser Meredy ROM

Born 03/26/1987
(bred to CH Boelte’s Bronze Keira)

  • Boelte’s Ain’t A Saint
  • Boelte’s Chamois Does
  • Boelte’s Westchester Abby

Born 04/21/1987
(bred to CH Oakleaf’s Claim To Fame SH ROM

  • Four Winds Bronco Billy JH
  • Fourwind’s Annie Oakleaf
  • Fourwinds Krene De Kara

Born 05/24/1987
(bred to CH Brylynn’s Gypsy Rose Lee)

  • Onpoints Legacy Katie
  • CH Legacy Rebel Rouser Turbo

Born 06/19/1987
(bred to CH Jeber’s Copper Reflection)

  • Jeber’s It’s Copper Jodi
  • Jeber’s Coppertone

Born 07/27/1987
(bred to CH Arnell Splendid Arrangement ROM)

  • Caveat-Arnell Showboat
  • Caveat’s Anything Goes
  • Caveat’s By By Birdie
  • Caveat’s Starlight Express

Born 09/13/1987
(bred to Mendocino Poppy Gold)

  • Glenmoor Kiralyno Sue
  • Glenmoor Mattole Rose
  • Marika Rouke Glenmoor

Born 09/12/1987
(bred to Konya Ann)

  • Golden Empire’s Contessa

Born 03/18/1988
(bred to Charisma’s Crimson Jenny Luv)

  • Charisma’s Crimson Luka Luv
  • Miss Gigi Luv
  • Mr Eddie Luv
  • Super Rusty Jenny’s Boy

Born 03/25/1988
(bred toCH Chris’ Amber Meghan)

  • Baron von Charger

Born 08/07/1988
(bred to Maverick’s Vascilisa Niki)

  • Robo’s Golden Danube

Born 12/24/1988
(bred to CH Vizsta’s Spring Fling)

  • Viva Charger’s Angel

Born 08/09/1989
(bred to CH Boshar Zsa-Zsa Of Glenhill ROM)

  • CH Boshar’s Brett Kedves Vadasz CD JH ROM
  • Daisy Mae
  • Ivan Kedves Vadasz
  • Kedves Vadasz Solo Edition
  • CH Kedvesvadasz Defiant Babe JH

Born 10/28/1989
(bred to CH Callae Shillelagh)

  • Callae Golden Empire Regharg
  • Callae Set The Tone
  • Callae Spittin’ Image
  • Callae Trace Of Lace

Born 09/01/1990
(bred to CH Golden Empire Tia Of Voro’s Tar)

  • Golden Empire Casey of Lcf
  • Golden Empire Luna De Oro
  • Golden Empire Pria Nirvana CD
  • Golden Empire’s Dakota Sunup
  • Golden Empire’s Royal Charge
  • Golden Empire’s Rusty Charger
  • Golden Empires Misztika

Born 02/25/2002
(bred to Golden Empire’s Juna)

  • Golden Empire Charger’s Iceman
  • Golden Empire Charger’s Image
  • Golden Empire’s Miracle Charger
  • CH Golden Empire’s Taken Charge JH
  • Golden Empire’s All Charged Up

BISS CH Rotkopf’s Super Charger JH CD VC HOF

Charger was my very special boy. He was a once-in-a-lifetime dog that made a tremendous impact on the breed. He was so much fun to show and in many ways, it’s safe to say, changed my life for the better. He touched my heart in a way no other dog has and his legacy lives on through his progeny.