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DC AFC 2X NAFC Golden Empire’s Doctor T MH HOF


Piroska’s Golden Empire CD x Voros Tars Lady of Agoura
DOB: 12Mar83
Owner: Larry and Shelley Coburn & Tom and Mary Shapiro

Hips: VZ-2101 OFA NORMAL

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Born 03/04/1987
(bred to CH Golden Empire’s Rocken Robin)

  • Golden Empire Model T Reggie

Born 04/27/1987
(bred to FC AFC Rebel Rouser’s Starr)

  • Golden Empire’s T Cruise
  • Betty-Boop-Starr
  • Carefree Paco The Wetbackpup
  • Russet Leather Jade Starr

Born 05/21/1987
(bred to FC AFC NFC Voros Tars’ Dolly)

  • CH Golden Empire Tia Of Voro’s Tar

Born 12/18/1987
(bred to Maverick’s Vascilisa Niki)

  • CH Golden Empire Jackie T
  • Golden Empire Docktor Q
  • Golden Empires Gypsy Sunrise

Born 06/18/1988
(bred to CH Caveat’s In The Pink CD SH ROM)

  • Caveat Dust Devil
  • Caveat Golden Empire Chantilly
  • Caveat Midsummer Sun
  • Caveat Winds Afire
  • Caveat’s Cock Of The Walk

Born 05/25/1989
(bred to Onpoints Legacy Katie)

  • Onpoints Wing Shot
  • Onpoints Big Shot
  • Onpoints Bird Shot
  • Onpoints Cactus Shot
  • Onpoints Houston Shot
  • Onpoints Snap Shot
  • Onpoints Sure Shot

Born 07/22/1989
(bred to CH Paradox Csecse Lany Reilloc)

  • CH Reilloc’s Happy Tyke
  • Madar Esz Reilloc
  • Reilloc’s Sunny Daze

Born 07/25/1989
(bred to Melto’s Timberdoodle Henna)

  • Golden Empires Jacobonies JH

Born 08/05/1989
(bred toTizzy)

  • Kis Cigany Jynx
  • Nelson’s Lola Pistola
  • Nelsons No Holds Barred

Born 10/30/1989
(bred to CH Chris’ Amber Meghan)

  • CH Meg N T’s Amy of High Sierra

Born 12/27/1990
(bred to Mavrick Golden Empire Dallas)

  • Golden Empire Boomer
  • Golden Empire Bator
  • Golden Empire Rika T
  • Golden Empire Sunup Treat T
  • Golden Empire Tygers Tail
  • Golden Empires Sir Ben’t’ley

Born 04/05/1991
(bred to CH My Friend Flicka MH)

  • Bo A Kis Magyar Baratunk

Born 04/28/1991
(bred toCastillo’s Brandy)

  • Doc Holiday II
  • Doctor T’s Golden Brandy
  • Doctor T’s Golden Midas
  • Posch’s Amber
  • T-Cal Golden Empires

Born 01/04/1992
(bred to Karam Kari of Rotkopf)

  • Golden Empire Kari-Kona
  • Golden Empire Moccasin Stalker
  • Golden Empire II
  • Golden Empire Oakridg Topgun
  • Golden Empire Sabra’s Maggie
  • Golden Empire’s Royal Maggy T
  • Golden Empire’s Stellar T
  • Golden Empire’s Sunny
  • Golden Empire’s Tasha T

Born 09/07/1992
(bred to CH Arco’s Mojave Sunrise)

  • Arco’s Digger O’T
  • Golden Empire’s Brat T Arco
  • Golden Empire’s Tj Arco
  • Golden Empires Arcos Brand T

Born 08/01/1992
(bred to Crimson Arrow)

  • Golden Empire’s Crimson Milo
  • Golden Empire’s Tawney Girl
  • Golden Empires Hondo
  • Sofi Bint Teaka

Born 09/10/1992
(bred to Golden Empire’s Contessa)

  • Contessa’s Brandy Prn
  • Contessa’s Guns A Blazing
  • Contessa’s Maximillian Balboa
  • Contessa’s Paprika
  • Contessa’s Tiberius Jonasen
  • Contessas-Heidi

Born 04/09/1993
(bred to Marika Rouke Glenmoor)

  • Doctor T’s Kip Of Golden Empire JH
  • Glenmoore
  • Glenmoor Bags
  • Glenmoor Lucas Jager
  • Glenmoor Sasha
  • Glenmoor Talby
  • Glenmoor’s Mellow Fellow
  • Golden Empire Jake Caolbac
  • Golden Empire’s Son T

Born 06/11/1994
(bred to Tule Rivers High Trailing It)

  • FC AFC Golden Empire’s Calif Gold
  • Golden Empire’s Michaela
  • Golden Empire’s Princess
  • Golden Empire’s T Party Harde

Born 07/14/2006
(bred to Golden Empires All Charged Up)

  • Golden Empire’s New Model T
  • Golden Empire V
  • Golden Empire VI
  • Golden Empire’s Copper Cola T
  • Golden Empire’s Return To T
  • Golden Empire’s Royal T

DC AFC 2xNAFC Golden Empire’s Doctor T MH HOF
“Doctor T”

Doctor T LOVED to hunt and did it with much style and grace. The amount of passion and heart packed into his small little body was incredible!

Doctor T was the 1986 and 1989 National Amateur Field Trial Champion and the 1984 National Derby winner.