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Huge HUGE congratulations to Remy and Conor on their AMAZING weekend in Oregon, with very tough competition! Friday: BOB and Sporting Group 2 Saturday: BOB, Sporting Group 1 and BISS #3 for Remy! Monday: BOB and Sporting Group 1!   What an incredible weekend! We are so elated and thrilled. Congratulations!

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OMG!!!! Golden Empire is SO thrilled and excited about the results of the Santa Clara Valley KC in San Jose! On Saturday 17Feb, Remy went BOB and Ziggy (Trace x Ziva) went SELECT DOG, and Remy went on to win the Sporting Group! In between the Sporting Group and BIS, Remy earned his Trick Dog [...]

Sporting Group Win at Orange Empire KC, Norco CA, 27-28Jan18

Huge congratulations to Conor and Remy on their successful weekend, going BOB both days and winning the Sporting Group on Saturday!