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Feb18: Remy wins the Sporting Group at Sun Maid KC in Fresno!
Feb18: Remy wins the Sporting Group x2 and goes BIS at the Santa Clara Valley KC in San Jose!!
Feb18: Remy goes BOB x3, BISS, Sporting G2x1 and Sporting G1x2 at the Covered Bridge Cluster in Albany, OR!
Mar18: Remy wins the Sporting Group at KC of Beverly Hills!

Golden Empire Vizslas

Producing Dual Champions since 1977

In the 1970s, Vizsla lines were markedly distinct: there were field Vizslas and then there were show Vizslas. We wanted Vizslas who were truly dual dogs: able to hunt one day and show the next; who could be affectionate companions of sound temperament and health with exemplary trainability. In 1977 we purchased the first Golden Empire Vizsla out of the Piroskas line: “Nitro,” Piroskas Golden Empire CD. Shortly thereafter we purchased “Sabrina,” Golden Empire’s Sabrina CD from Barbara Stephenson of Rotkopf Vizslas. Barbara’s breeding program was very inspirational and influential on Golden Empire; she had beautiful dual dogs who were just as successful in the show ring as in the field.

In 1979 we bred Nitro to Paprika La Especial De Mi Vida – two months later, the first Golden Empire pup was born: Golden Empire’s Shade Tuff, “Shade.”

For several years we have painstakingly developed and curated our breeding program with tireless dedication and commitment. We are proud to say our breeding program has been successful and we have produced: 34 Conformation Champions, 5 Field Champions, 15 AKC Hunting titles and 3 Dual Champions.

The Golden Empire lines have had a significant influence on the merging of field and show lines  – Super Charger alone has 91 offspring to date. We have spent over 39 years committed to refining our breeding program, promoting responsible breeding and stewardship of the breed.

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Breeding Philosophy

We have a very selective and limited breeding program, aiming for distinction and quality over quantity. We take the time to thoroughly research and plan the breeding match several months before even attempting a breeding, to ensure alignment with our breeding goals and practices. We strive for sound temperament, drive in the field, excellence in the show ring and outstanding trainability and versatility.
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Recent Events

The latest news from Golden Empire Vizslas!

BIS Santa Clara Valley KC, San Jose CA, 17-18Feb!

OMG!!!! Golden Empire is SO thrilled and excited about the results of the Santa Clara Valley KC in San Jose! On Saturday 17Feb, Remy went BOB and Ziggy (Trace x Ziva) went SELECT DOG, and Remy went on to win the Sporting Group! In between the Sporting Group and BIS, Remy earned his Trick Dog Novice AND Intermediate titles! On Sunday, Remy won breed [...]